True Blood Season 7: In the Weeks Ahead (Comic Con)….. This is so weird, seriously i’m like numb

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Q: Hey girl did you ever talk to that guy?

No, I haven’t seen him in a couple of days. However, Monday I know I’ll see him and I know I need to get my sht together

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Q: If he does like you will your insecurities go away?

Most of them will. Not that I’m insecure within my outer appearance, I’m actually confident in my physical, I just question if he’d fall for the mind over looks.

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Q: And now a days we cant even really use the idk if he likes black girls card cause alot more people are open. I just think we say that because we're just scared in general of putting ourselves out there. Id he doesnt like you his loss, but you nver no

The not knowing is the hardest part. You’re right, because I don’t know if he is and he just may not care about that. The how to tell him is the question.

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Q: You are beautiful

Thank you :) *blushes

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Q: Definitely go for it. Ik its the thought of rejection that hurts, but you dont know that he will reject you. He might even feel the same way, and if he doesnt your not any less beautiful. But take a risk you never want to ask what if.

You are right… Thank you.
I just need to overcome myself.

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Stop making excuses. The only person stopping you is yourself.
Black Girl Lost: (afraid of rejection)…

I may not get any likes or reblogs because I’m not “Tumblr Famous” or one of the beautiful girls that gets thousands of reblogs… but I am beautiful and I do believe that I deserve a beautiful man.

I’m in strong like with a beautiful man, who I’ve had secret feelings for, for about a year now. At first I made excuses for not letting my feelings be known. First it was because he’s white and I didn’t know if he liked black woman, then my next excuse was our age difference - me being 22 and him being 7 years older… Now since those excuses are irrelevant, I guess my next excuse is… What if he rejects me?

I’ve never dealt with rejection in this way. I KNOW it would be easier if I didn’t see him almost everyday when I’m at work. But I do.

If he rejected me and I saw him again… Looked into his grey eyes again with a fake smile on my part… my heart would just fall apart… I don’t talk about my problems a lot, even with my best friends. So Tumblr… I’m turning to you.


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so much power, money and talent standing there.

the question of our generation